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The Frankie Manning Timeline image
15 Jan| 2019

The Frankie Manning Timeline

THE LIFE OF FRANKIE MANNING 1914 Frankie Manning was born on the 26th of May, 1914, in Jacksonville, Florida. According to Frankie, his mother, a party lady, told him that even before he was born he used to kick in time to the music when she went out dancing. At the age of three, Frankie […]

What to wear? image
15 Jan| 2019

What to wear?

WONDERING WHAT TO WEAR TO TO MEET THE SCENE BALL?  For the men, a note from David: Since the revival of interest in swing dancing in the 1980s, men’s fashion has gone through a number of shifts. Many early adopters saw swing dancing as something of a sport and wore shorts and T-shirts accordingly. But […]

What Is A Swing Den? image
10 Jan| 2019

What Is A Swing Den?

WHAT? A Swing Den is a certain style of social dancing evening that caters specifically for new dancers. WHY? We noticed that there is a period for a dancer where the step from taking classes to going social dancing seems large and intimidating. We have tried to find ways to assist with this exciting leap! […]