Swing dancing: A lesson in introductions

We here at Swing Patrol know that swing dancing classes are a great way to improve your confidence, expand your social circle, and learn a few new dance moves along the way. Cosmopolitan writer Kayleigh Dray road-tested one of our regular classes in an impromptu bid to improve her people skills.

“Clever work, Swing Patrol – through offering a beginner’s lesson in swing dancing, you’ve essentially given me a beginner’s crashcourse in meeting new people: stay calm, don’t put too much pressure on the situation and keep it lighthearted…

“Find your local Swing Patrol class on their website now – think friendly instructors, easy-to-follow instructions, a fun way to squeeze in some exercise after a day at the office and a brilliant excuse to work on your people skills! I’ll definitely be going again.”


Read the full article about how she fared via here!

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