Scott Cupit in The Independent

The Independent chatted to Scott ahead of the Dragons’ Den: Pitches to Riches show:

Since securing a deal on Dragons’ Den in 2014, things have got better and better for Scott Cupit and his dance school and events company Swing Patrol. As well as signing up 12,000 people and establishing the London Swing Festival (27 to 29 May), the troupe have broken the world record for the largest Charleston, while Cupit has won Dance Teacher of the Year, published a book and launched an online shop.

All of which will no doubt be covered when Dragons’ Den: Pitches to Riches (on BBC2 at 8pm on 28 February) catches up with Scott and his team. One aspect of the story that is less likely to be mentioned, however, is an incident that occurred recently. “I was booked to do a hen party, but the brief was that I should pretend to be a stripper,” Cupit says. “I arrived through a back door and was given a fireman’s outfit. Only the maid of honour knew about the prank.

“My brief was to walk out to strip music, sit on the hen’s lap and sort of half take the fireman’s jacket off. When the shy hen looked overwhelmed, I was to say, ‘Don’t worry. I’m just here to give a swing dance lesson. Hi, I’m Scott from Swing Patrol.’”

“This is what I did and the hen was very relieved. The problem was, all the other women at the party were rolling drunk and didn’t realise this was a prank. They were outraged and felt ripped off so getting them to do a dance lesson was a nightmare. I’ve never been so happy to get back to my car.”

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