Anna Price

Coming from a background in music and other partner dances, Anna found blues dancing in 2013, and quickly fell in love with the music, the dance, and the community of dancers.  Anna travels extensively within Europe and in the US to learn, perform, compete, DJ, teach, research, and of course to dance.  Anna is a self-confessed geek, and loves to delve into all aspects of the history and culture of blues music and dance.  She is particularly interested in Blues Idiom Dances at the moment.  She enjoys performing, and has won and placed in a number of solo and partnered competitions, and is a member of the Down and Outs blues troupe.  She loves to teach, both within her day job at a University, and in dance, having taught various weekend workshops across the UK and Europe.  When not travelling or working, Anna can generally be found on a dancefloor at home in London, be sure to ask her for a dance!