Everything you need to know before your first swing dance class!

Getting started with something completely new can seem daunting – you’re full of questions, curious about how it all works, and you know there are bound to be surprises you’ve never even thought of. We decided to take those tricky bits out of starting swing dancing by putting together this list of things you need to know before going along for the first time! Read on to get the low down so you can show up to your first class like a pro.


  • Swing dancing is an umbrella term for a whole bunch of dances.
    Born out of swing music from the 1920s through to the 1940s, this vintage dance style has something to offer everyone. Swing dancing can be everything from bouncy and energetic to slow and sultry – so you can find your own groove. Most of our classes cover Lindy Hop and Charleston, but we have classes specialising in Blues, Balboa and Solo Jazz too!


  • You can start any time.
    All our classes are run on a drop in basis – this means that you can turn up whenever is convenient for you! With no need to book ahead or join a course, you can get started straight away or pick the night that’s best for you.


  • We cover the basics at the start of each week.
    Missed a week? Loved it and want to bring a friend for the first time? Not a worry at all – each class starts with the basics, so you’ll be up to speed in no time.


  • You don’t need to bring a partner.
    We rotate partners throughout each class – not only is this a great way to get the most out of your learning, you’ll make plenty of friends too!


  •  You don’t need to wear anything special.
    Although we do love a chance to get dressed up at balls and festivals, we’re a pretty casual bunch during the week. Just wear something you’re comfortable moving around in, and be aware that swing dancing can get pretty hot. As for shoes, any flat shoes that you’re comfortable will be fine – soft soled flat trainers or plimsolls are out favourite as they allow us to jump, kick and move easily.


  • We run social dances around London every week.
    Swing is a sociable dance so once you’ve picked up a few moves in class you’ll want to take them to the dance floor – great! We have a very active social calendar so there are plenty of opportunities to take your new skills for a spin. For your first social steps, we even run Swing Dens – socials designed especially for beginners.


  • There are a few ways to pay.
    Each class is £10 and if you do more than one class in a night the second (or third) one is half price, so just £5! If you’ve got a student card bring it along to get classes for £6 (£4 for additional classes in the same night). Or you can save money by buying a 10-class card from £80 each or a 5-class card for £45.
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