Scotland: BBC Dragons’ Den Swing Success To Launch New Fitness Workout


  • Joyful Cardio Workout Inspired By Vintage Vibes and Street Dances Will Branch Out From Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • Edinburgh Local Appointed Head Trainer For Scotland

Duncan Bannatyne wanted to try it in health clubs and Piers Linney was looking for “the Zumba of Swing”. Now, under the guidance of investor Deborah Meaden, Swing Patrol, the dance school and events company, is launching its joyful cardio fitness workout called SwingTrain in Scotland. Developed by Scott Cupit, the award winning dance teacher and entrepreneur whose pitch secured investment on BBC Dragons’ Den, SwingTrain is an elating exercise experience accompanied by the vintage vibes of swing, gospel, rhythm & blues and jazz – a marked difference from the electronica that accompanies the majority of cardio exercise classes.

The SwingTrain total body workouts are inclusive and suitable for all levels of fitness and coordination. No dance or fitness class experience is required whatsoever. SwingTrain fitness instructors lead participants through a series of fun, follow-along moves inspired by the vintage street dances of Charleston, lindy hop, and shag. The full body cardio workouts exercise legs, arms and core, as well as developing coordination and mental agility through memorable routines. Each SwingTrain session lasts for an hour, including warm-up and warm-down time. In its first three months since launch in January, SwingTrain has grown to offer workouts at 45 venues across England.

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SwingTrain’s first venture in Scotland will be to recruit and train talented, friendly fitness instructors across the nation who have a passion for building communities, motivating others, and running their own business. Personal trainers, fitness instructors and others who wish to deliver SwingTrain workouts can learn how at Edinburgh’s Royal Commonwealth Pool on Saturday 8 th April and in Glasgow’s Dance HQ on Saturday 6 th May. The first regular SwingTrain workout session has already been booked to commence at 6.00 pm on May 9 th and every following Tuesday at Edinburgh’s James Gillespie’s High School Dance Studio. It will be led by the newly appointed Head Trainer for Scotland, Cathy Harrison, a part-time primary school teacher and swing dance instructor. Cathy Harrison, Scotland’s Head SwingTrainer, said, “SwingTrain is a great opportunity for friendly fitness instructors with a passion for building a local community of SwingTrainees, motivating them to achieve their fitness goals and improving the health of their local community. It’s designed to foster friendships as well as fitness and to warmly welcome absolute beginners. The main SwingTrain office helps instructors to establish and run their own SwingTrain business, and enthuses them with a little bit of Dragons’ Den’s entrepreneurial spirit. The atmosphere in the workout sessions is so supportive and uplifting that participants don’t even realise they’re burning up to 500 calories an hour because they’re smiling so much. The swing-inspired moves and the music automatically gets people moving, but the best thing about SwingTrain is that it’s accessible to everyone, no matter their age, fitness levels or abilities. All that’s required is a desire for a positive experience.”

The move to Scotland is part of SwingTrain’s international expansion which includes recruiting SwingTrain instructors in Germany, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. “Launching in Scotland is the first step in our plans to establish SwingTrain as an international fitness brand by the end of 2017. Supported by Deborah Meaden and my dedicated SwingTrain team, SwingTrain instructors have been quickly establishing and running their own SwingTrain businesses, bringing their entrepreneurial spirit to their local area and growing loyal client communities of SwingTrainees across England. We hope to help and inspire Scottish personal trainers, fitness instructors, dance teachers and other aerobic fitness fans to do the same. After the events in Scotland, we will be recruiting instructors in New Zealand and we are building relationships with potential SwingTrain instructors in Australia, Germany and the United States,” said Scott Cupit, founder of SwingTrain and Managing Director of Swing Patrol UK.

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