Congratulations, London!

Something quite spectacular happened recently

A team of over 60+ of our dancers headed to the prestigious Savoy Cup in Montpellier. The divisions are full of talented groups and individuals from all over Europe and beyond. You can never assume anything in such a competitive environment, but the London dancers were outstanding and this doesn’t just refer to the five 1st placings but to every dancer who had the courage and talent to be part of this story. Read about it here and scroll down to see the videos of all performances and competitions.

From all of us at Swing Patrol – CONGRATULATIONS!

Open Jack & Jill: Michaela Delmonte - 1st place

Teams Division: Skyliners - 1st place

Cabaret Division: The Dinahs - 1st place

Vintage Clip Division: Brat Pack - 1st place

Chorus Line Division: The Dinahs - 1st place

Solo Division: Tine Gatchalian - 2nd place

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