Swing dancing one of London’s best unusual workouts

Swing dancing was listed by the Telegraph as one of London’s top ten alternatives to the gym.

Every popular dance genre you’d care to mention is catered for in London, but it’s swing dancing that provides one of the most intensive workouts. The dance style originated from the swing music genre of the 1930s and 1940s and includes Charleston kicks, swirling and twirling, all done in pairs. It’s fun and energetic, but also reassuringly tiring, so you know you’re getting a decent workout too. Someone weighing 11st will burn about 310 calories if swing dancing for an hour. Swing Patrol holds classes all over London and you don’t even need to take a partner. Drop-in classes are an affordable £8 and organisers are confident they can create swing dance aficionados out of almost anyone: “It will replace your gym membership” they claim.

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