Performance Ball 2013 – Videos


We recently had our annual Performance Ball where our amazing dancers from around London had the chance to perform. It was a dazzling evening and a massive well done to you all.

Note that many dancers had been dancing under 6 weeks and suddenly found themselves being cheered on by 500 people! Job well done everyone and thanks to Fred for filming. Unfortunately we had an issue with some of the videos where over eager spectators obscured the view.  A big thank you to those who also filmed the performances – we now have a full set!

Performance Ball 2013

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Performance Ball 2018!

We love the Performance Ball. One of our biggest events of the year,  it’s the night where the students take to the stage! Each year the performances get more and more creative and 2018 saw some amazing ones! Check out our videos and photo gallery below to see the shows and social dancing!