Whitechapel Urban Blues


What is blues dancing?

Yes, the rumours are true… blues is a dance style! Like swing dance, Blues dance evolved from African rhythms and movements. However blues dancing was never widely practiced as a social or performance dance; it developed in smoky juke joints and at blues house parties and rent parties, giving it a more intimate feel.

Blues dance is all about interpreting and expressing the music. Many aspects of Blues dancing such as call and response, emotional intensity, and tension and release are directly related to the music. If you love blues music you’ll love blues dancing!

Blues dancing is very new to Europe, but is a growing scene and going through a particularly exciting time in London at the moment. Join us on the blues journey, and become addicted to this beautiful dance.


  • 1 Level 1: 7:00
  • 2 Level 2: 8:15
£10 for the first class, £15 for both lessons.

The dance floor is located upstairs and is only accessible by stairs.


The Castle, Commercial Road, London, UK

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Hey, what’s the plan?

Sorry we haven’t uploaded our Class Plan yet.
Classes are running as usual though - so pop along it will be awesome!