The Benefits of Dance for Kids!

 There are so many benefits of dancing for children and young adults. Jenny Silverstone from, a research-driven parenting blog has put together this awesome article, capturing so many of the reasons that dance is so important at a young age and highlights the value of it as part of a school curriculum. This article really resonated with us. Swing Patrol has been working in schools and had kids programmes for years and we have always been very passionate about bringing the joy of swing dancing to the younger generation. Read on to find out more…


The Many Benefits of Letting Your Child Get Their Groove On: How Dancing Can Improve Your Child’s Wellbeing

It can be easy to dismiss dancing when it comes to what’s important in your child’s life. Sure, dancing can be fun, but compared to things like academic work, sports, and other extracurriculars, it can seem a lot less crucial.

But just because something is enjoyable doesn’t mean it doesn’t have genuine benefits. Dancing is one of those rare things that is good for your child and is also a blast to do. There may be physical, social, and mental benefits to dancing that you’ve never considered.

Weight Control

Obesity continues to be a problem in our modern society. Many people sit most of their day, and your child is likely no exception to that rule.

If they are in school, they sit at their desks the majority of the day. When they come home, they sit while they do their homework. And if they have any screen time at all on the computer, television, phone, or tablet, that means, even more, sitting for them.

Dancing gives them a chance to burn off calories by exercising their bodies after they have worked their minds all day. With regular dance sessions, your child may be able to stay at a healthy body weight.


All kids need to feel as if they excel at something. Think about a moment from your childhood when you were so proud of something you were able to accomplish.

Maybe you won your school’s spelling bee, or you managed to make it across the monkey bars on the playground without falling. Whether your accomplishment was small or big — it probably felt epic to you at the time.

Dancing might give your child that kind of moment. Whether it’s getting through their dance recital and nailing every performance or learning to master a step they didn’t think they could, they’ll be building confidence.

A funny thing about confidence is how contagious it is. When your child becomes confident in one area of their life, it often spills over into other areas as well.

Your Child Will Learn Discipline

Learning to dance takes a lot of time, commitment, and effort. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Your child will only get out of it what they put into it. That’s a great lesson they’ll use throughout their lives. It will teach them that they need to put work into anything they want to succeed at, whether it’s their relationships, careers, finances, or even hobbies.

Their dance training will be laying the groundwork for a successful life.

They Can Make New Friends

Some childhood friends don’t stay in our lives, while others remain best friends for life. Why some stay when others eventually go is anyone’s guess, but having common interests can help cement a long-term friendship.

Will that kid from your child’s dance class turn out to be their best friend for life? Who knows? But even if it’s just a short-term friend, your child will still benefit from making a new buddy.

It Requires Focus

With dancing, you need to focus deeply on what you’re doing. Learning to drown out the world when you’re doing something that requires concentration can significantly benefit your child when they apply that same skill to their homework.

Math problems that require them to stick with it to make sense of a lot of small details will be easier for your child when they apply focus.

It Can Help Them Handle Their Emotions

Music and dance can give your child an outlet for all the emotions they feel, whether they are positive or negative. They’ll love dancing when they’re happy and excited, and they’ll feel better-having something like dance to turn to when they are sad, angry, or anxious.

It will be there for them to turn to whenever they need it.

Watch Them Grow

Your child may be one of those who blossom with dance in their lives. It can be informal training or the formal kind with lessons, recitals, and outfits.

Either way, your child will reap the benefits and will be proud to show you their new moves. As you watch their performances, you can rest assured they are doing something that will benefit them both in the short and long term.

You can read the full article here.

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