Scott Cupit interviewed by Dance Today

Following his win in their Dance Teacher of the Year competition, Scott Cupit was interviewed for the June 2015 edition of

Five dance teachers, including one husband and wife team, made the shortlist this year, but Scott Cupit, founder of Swing Patrol London, was announced our winner in a public ceremony on March 28 in the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Scott moved to London in 2009 to open Swing Patrol London, which now runs classes and weekly social dances in venues all over the capital and last year received investment from Deborah Meaden onDragons’ Den to spread the love for swing further afield. Scott said:

“I belong to a special community of dancers and behind my back they nominated me for this award… I am very chuffed that so many would go to such an effort to put my name forward. Thank you to the many who did and to this massive secret Facebook group I am just now hearing about. Crazy wonderful community you are. I am really humbled.”


Read the full interview here!


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