About Swing Patrol

We’re a community of over 1,500 dancers, a passionate teaching team, four amazing troupes and a small but dedicated team of staff and volunteers. From hole-in-the-wall speakeasies to London’s great dance halls, we’ve built a massive collective energy and made great friendships along the way. We hope you come along and check us out soon. We run:



What makes three Aussies get on a plane and swap summer down under for the cold, mean streets of London? When our director Scott landed at Heathrow in January 2009 he had no contacts, no website and no students. But he did have a mission — to share our wonderful, joyful dance — and two mad keen teachers, Ben and Tanya.

Growing pains

The early days of Swing Patrol were tough, but oh so much fun. Venues came and went. At our first classes, a dozen students would be a great turn out. We danced outside tube stations, we handed out flyers and did every charity gig going. It was a struggle, but when Scott got up on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square with hundreds of dancers shim-sham-ing below, we wowed the crowds and landed in the Evening Standard’s top 10 performances.

Scott on the plinth

And now…

In 2017 we launched a fitness company called SwingTrain and opened classes in Kingston. Stay tuned for what ever adventures may be next!

Winter ball