Victoria Park History – Erin

I got quite emotional reminiscing about Victoria Park, thinking about the first time I met David which was the day we were meant to teach together for the first time as well as open Vic Park Swing Patrol for the very first time. We had 17 students in that first class and we were stoked with that result, many of those students stayed and went on to be advanced dancers and some still attend classes at Vic Park today. The thing that I love most about Victoria Park is the people who attend – we had our own little community inside Swing Patrol as a whole. Every Tuesday was a highlight of my week because I knew I got to hang out and have fun with my friends, and one of my favourite things was after class we’d pull some tables together and all have dinner! The Royal Inn on the Park loved us (and I bet they still do!) I can’t say enough wonderful things about Vic Park, except that if you haven’t attended a class there, you should! I feel so blessed that I got to teach there for 2 years and meet the wonderful people I did, still to this day the most thoughtful gift I have ever received was from the students at Victoria Park and I think that goes to show just how amazing the community feel is at Vic Park.


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