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Help Swing in Milan! image

Help Swing in Milan!

WE NEED SUPPORT FROM THE DANCE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY  Hi name is Krystal, for those who don’t know me, I have been a passionate swing dancer for 8 years. Recently I joined the London SP team as Collegiate Shag teacher and I need some help from the Swing Patrol dance community.   I learned to dance […]

Safe Spaces – what do I do? image

Safe Spaces – what do I do?

Procedure for Teachers, DJs, Managers and Door Volunteers   There are so many different scenarios and we’ve had a lot of “interesting” incidences at our events and classes. Some are amusing (random drunks dancing in the centre of a class) and some are very serious. This is an outline of some possible scenarios that you […]

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Swing Patrol London Code of Conduct

Statement of Intent We love dancing.  Every dancer, of every level of experience, should feel absolutely comfortable and safe at any of our events. Harassment or bullying won’t be tolerated and by attending any of our events in any capacity (whether you are an international teacher, a DJ or a first time dancer) you agree […]

Safe Spaces – Procedures image

Safe Spaces – Procedures

Procedures for managing ALLEGATIONS OF misconduct 1               Purpose of procedures Swing Patrol is serious about creating and operating in safe spaces, where everyone is free to enjoy swing dance without fear of harassment or discrimination or any kind. We take our Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) seriously and make sure our staff, teachers, students and […]