Swing Patrol College 2019!

We had the first of  what will hopefully be many Swing College courses in October 2019 at Exmouth Market, and we had an absolute blast! We were so lucky to have coaching from some fantastic teachers: Fancy Dougherty (USA), Steph & Pete Grange, Arrianne O’Shea, Robyn Larsen and Scott Cupit.

Swing Patrol College is definitely for the passionate dancer who is motivated and excited about pushing their dancing to the next level – at a much quicker pace than weekly classes and the occasional weekender. In the space of just one week, we covered all manner of things such as swing outs, solo dancing, airsteps and of course, the history of the music and dance.

A big shout out to all those invloved, especially all our fantastic students who worked so hard to graduate fro college and earn their much deserved certificates (see photos below!)

These week-long Swing Patrol College courses will vary in approach and will be offered in both London and Melbourne. Check out our dedicated website for more information and upcoming courses: http://www.swingpatrolcollege.com


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"I've been dancing more off than on for over 3 years due to my busy life getting in the way. Once I heard about Swing College I immediately thought it was something I'd benefit from and I was right. A week of intensive learning enabled me to focus and dedicate continuous time to swing dancing and make me feel more confident at the end of it. It encapsulated many fundamentals of swing dancing from posture and frame to new techniques and moves and covered history and musicality too. The course is fun and rewarding and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to step up and improve."

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"It was a fantastic week overall, many thanks to Scott and the other teachers and organisers!”

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"THANK YOU!!!! Was a fantastic week. Good level for me. I found it challenging but not too much. I never felt demoralised. I only felt excited and motivated to improve my dancing more and more... Got some helpful feedback on my own dancing. Had good fun. Lovely group of people most of whom I hadn’t met before.”

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"The amount of praise, encouragement and recognition was very much appreciated especially from Scott, the top man and it felt very professional to have various admin members come in to present the certificates."

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"Doing a full five days of dancing gave me the opportunity to really immerse myself in it and get to know the other participants.”

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"It was almost like we were being offered a fabulous buffet of swing-related options - it was our choice (depending as well on our ability and appetite) how deep we dug into the different offerings."

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