Solo courses only!

At our solo class we’ve decided to shift to offering courses rather than drop in classes. There are a number of reasons for this that we thought worth sharing with the curious amongst you!


1. Building Skills
We really enjoy working with you in our courses and getting to know you a little bit each week. Seeing the same people over the course means we can help individuals build skills over time, which is always needed when learning new steps and ideas.
2. Building Confidence
Sometimes we need to try new things out and it takes a few goes at it before we feel confident dancing it. Over the course we can gradually push the limits a little more each week and get all the dancers feeling more confident with moves and concepts as they become more familiar.
3. Dedication!
It really inspires us working people who want to work on their dancing, and we know that improvement can’t happen overnight! A little bit of dedication is required and we feel that the course structure helps to enable this commitment to improvement. Even if you only come along for a course every now and then, the regularity of it helps you to see improvements in your dancing and get more out of the learning experience.
4. Friends and Good Times 🙂
Solo dancing doesn’t have to be on our own and we love dancing with friends. Dancing with the same people over a few weeks allows us to get to know each other much more than at a drop in class and means we can find our dance groove together! We get such a buzz in the room every week and we can’t wait to get down with fresh learning with you all 🙂
We hope you enjoy coming along and dancing with us for our next Solo Jazz and Charleston courses. If you have any questions just drop us a line. See you soon!


Michaela, Cat and Susie
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