Audition for the Skyliners **applications now closed**

Want to work with a highly dedicated group of high level dancers? Skyliners is a troupe focusing completely on social dancing. We get together weekly to work on technique, vocabulary, rhythm, posture, connection and creativity! We’re looking for new members to join our lovely crew.

Who are the Skyliners?

This is a higher level learning group run by Cat Foley, Michaela Delmonte and Nick Grant. We work on topics per term to develop individuals dance skills. This is a class series designed to give members the chance to work with other dancers of a high level consistently each week with access to personal feedback from teachers as well as bespoke content you won’t find elsewhere.

The sessions are 2 hours on a Monday evening, with a minimum 3 month commitment per term so that we can really foster an amazing learning environment where we can all grow and flourish. We of course hope that you’d be in it for the long haul though – we are!

We are looking for friendly, hard-working and fun people to join the existing team. All dancers of all levels have different strengths – we welcome dancers who are willing to learn and committed to rehearsals. Over this audition process we hope to include people who will work well with our existing team – it’s about attitude as much as it is about dancing 🙂

Term 3: The Variety Show

With Michaela, Cat, Nick plus a few very special guests!

This term will be focused on the variety of movements, ideas, styles and techniques that we use in our dancing. This will involve both solo and partnered dancing. We will have an element of competition and show training as well as plenty of variety and flavour to play with.

What to expect:

-Explore different dance styles and techniques

-Expand movement repertoire, quality and rhythm precision

-Progressive Content with time to overlap ideas and tie in a bigger picture

-Work on mind set, not just moves and techniques

-Dedicated, hands-on training time with individual feedback

We are looking for team members who can:

-Take initiative in own learning during class and practice sessions

-Actively identify areas for improvement and work on personal growth

-Positively influence peers through encouragement and collaboration

Entry level requirements

Dancers auditioning for Skyliners should:

– have a good level of fitness

– have an openness to explore swing dance in new ways

– have been swing dancing for a minimum of 2 years total (exceptions are welcome!)

– be confident social dancing freely

– have a strong base knowledge of rhythms, movements and repertoire across the swing dance styles – Charleston and Lindy Hop

– know how to swing out 🙂

We plan to keep the group relatively small – around 30 people – though this may change!

Audition Details

Date: Monday 15th July 2019

Time: 7pm-9.30pm (Arrive 6.30pm to check in)

Location: 3 Pickle Mews, Oval, SW9 6DZ (Entrance from Clapham Road)


Skyliners Membership

The Skyliners membership cost is approximately £55 a month (with a concessionary option for students and anyone unemployed), payment is required in monthly installments via direct debit subscription.

When does it start?

All applicants will be contacted by Friday 19 July (hopefully sooner).

Dates for Classes:

Monday Nights from 22nd July 2019 – September 30 (excluding bank holiday on 28th of August 2019)

The last block of the year will be an 11-week block finishing on 16th December and then we will start again in 2020 with 3-month blocks. Commitment will be per term as a minimum – signing up for this block will take you all the way to the 30th September, and you can renew as we continue.

To sign up:
**(auditions are now closed)**
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