Online Learning

Online learning is now a focus around the globe and Swing Patrol offer online classes here: 


To get things stared with our online dancing, here’s Scott teaching you a lovely move of the week. On top of this, there are loads of other online classes available. Here’s a round up of what we’ve found so far:

Swing Patrol online 4 week courses in:
Solo Jazz

Swing Patrol online 1 hour classes:
Beginner Tap in your Lindy Hop
Improver Tap in your Lindy Hop
Triple Step Drills
20s Charleston Basics
Swing Dance Cardio
Intro to Switching – Solo Edition!

Swing Patrol online 2 week course:
Solo Charleston Routine


Other fabulous groups also offer a range of great classes and we have listed some options for you here: 

Steve Sayer has done a Solo Shag Workout you can follow along and the LA Jitterbugs will soon be launching some online classes on Patreon

Learn the Big Apple with Brighton Lindyhoppers starting Monday 30th March – this will be taught over a series of evening sessions via Zoom

Kevin and Jo have an online learning programme you can sign up to – there’s a basic free membership with a weekly class but they’re also offering a discount on their full programme at the moment, worth considering

Michael and Evita’s online learning hub – Lindy Hop, some solo routines and exercises, and some guest videos. Monthly subscription but some free content too. Their 18th March livestream is available to watch here!

Vincenzo Fesi is doing some free solo jazz classes from his roof terrace in locked-down Rome.

Mickey and Kelly – Balboa and Slow Bal – some free classes, plus you can sign up for their Patreon programme.

A lovely A-Z of solo jazz steps with old-timer Chester Whitmore

Jenny Thomas is planning to start online teaching as soon as she can work out the logistics

Nils and Bianca are offering all sorts of courses online



The All Balboa Weekend asks you to please support the instructors and musicians in any way you can during this difficult time. Here is a partial list and links, that we will update as we have more. In no particular order:


Jonathan Stout makes amazing music and is also available for music lessons. Contact him at [email protected]
Anne Hélène and Bernard are available for online private lessons – Contact them at [email protected]
Bobby & Kate have online lessons. And you can buy Bobby’s book, Practice Swing online here.
Olga Marina offers a useful resource for leaders and followers on how to practice balboa solo, with currently more than 18 hrs of classes available and more additions in the future.
Definitely check out Bernard Cavasa‘s band, The Raggedy Junkers. Their new CD contains swing music for Balboa & Lindy Hop dancers!
If you would like to purchase ABW video downloads from past years, please click here.
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Diversity and Belonging Committee

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