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Pippa Tooher

With a back ground in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics and Dance, Pippa took to Lindy Hop like a duck to water and has been hooked on this joyful and energetic dance since January 2003. In late 2005 Pippa worked as the performance troupe coordinator for Katz Korner, a dance school from the Gold Coast, Australia where she wrote and taught a number of routines. One routine co-written with Tim Valka (a Gold Coast Dancer) was performed in honour of the Harlem Hot Shots during their Australian Tour in February 2006. In this year Pippa also started her own dance school that she continued with until she left Australia for America in April 2007.

Pippa has been living and working in America, Ireland and the UK since that time and has had the opportunity to teach swing in Dublin and Philadelphia. Pippa has also had the extraordinary fortune to attend swing dance workshops all over America and in Europe. She loves all the different styles of swing dancing and has a good knowledge of Balboa, Lindy and Blues, but it is no secret that Blues is Pippa’s particular passion.

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