Goodbye Steph ‘n’ Pete!

I don’t write the Swing Patrol blogs and am very grateful to Anjali who does such an amazing job with the many cool blogs now on our website. I did want to write this one myself as I was so moved by what I recently witnessed. Our two King Cross Swing Patrol teachers are moving home to New Zealand and last night was their final night teaching. With 100+ people in the room it was just an incredible evening and the buzz was electric.

At the end of the second class the spontaneous cheering that just didn’t stop was quite an emotional moment and a few dancers had tears in their eyes. I quickly gave a thank you speech and the Kings Cross students presented Steph and Pete with some lovely gifts. Steph and Pete have been such great ambassadors of both the dance we love and of Swing Patrol. Their quality of teaching and scene building skills were easily apparent at this farewell. I actually felt quite privileged to witness the love in the room for these two amazing people.

Scott Cupit
Swing Patrol


A few photos and video to remember a remarkable farewell for a remarkable two people.

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