What exactly is ‘Swing’?

If you have watched “Swing Kids”, “Swingers” or “Malcolm X” you will know what swing is. Swing is a sound AND a dance. Swing music comes under the overall music umbrella of jazz and even though there is a lot of great modern swing played these days it all has that wonderful upbeat swinging dotted or “galloping” rhythm that you may remember from “In the Mood” or any other Glenn Miller golden oldie that your parents or grandparents played for you! Swing dancing is a style of dance that suits swing music. Swing dancing can be upbeat and flashy or slow and sensual. Whatever the pace, the dancing is always an expression of the music that it relates to! Chances are you are reading this page because a friend told you about swing dancing. They will be able to tell you more about the great steps and styling that is taught in swing dancing and how it is hard to swing without grinning.

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Swinging at Spitalfields 2021 image
12 Aug| 2021

Swinging at Spitalfields 2021

After a difficult time for us all, we were finally able to return to dancing and we kicked it all off with one our favourite events – swinging outside at Spitalfields Market.

Environment image
10 Jul| 2020


Swing Patrol is committed to the development of a sustainable future. We recognise that climate justice is social justice, and that our everyday actions are inextricably linked to both. We are taking conscious steps to reduce our dance community’s and our company’s waste and carbon footprints. We acknowledge that if we want to keep swinging […]

Acknowledgement image
17 Jun| 2020


We acknowledge that the core dances we teach, perform and share come from African American and Black culture, as does the jazz music we love. We acknowledge that we do so without lived experience of this culture and are deeply grateful to be able to experience this amazing art form. We endeavour to continue educating […]