Swing Patrol & COVID-19 virus

Hey dancers,


It’s important not to overreact to health scares but it’s equally important to be responsible. The advice below doesn’t just apply because of coronavirus – or the fact it’s peak time of year for seasonal flu anyway – but it applies at all times for all dance events. It’s important to take action – not just to look after yourself, but to look after the whole community. And let’s face it: more people will want to dance with you if they know you’ve got clean hands.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at class this week, Dancers. There’s no reason not to attend swing dancing classes, workshops or socials if you’re in good health and hygenic. They’re fun, upbeat, interactive and a great way to meet and hang out with people.

During the day and before class, wash your hands with soap and water like a surgeon to the first verse of Ella Fitzgerald’s Smooth Sailing. It’s 20 seconds, the same time the NHS advises you to wash your hands. It’s easy – you don’t even need to know the words.

Use hand sanitiser immediately before and after the class, workshop or event you’re attending. If you can, offer your hand sanitiser to others – that’s a nice and sociable thing to do.

Keep tissues in your pocket even if you don’t think you’ll need them. Many of Swing Patrol’s events will have them at reception desk, but if they’re not available and you don’t have any with you, just take some from the bathroom.

Finally, however disappointing, if you’re feeling unwell or you have been told by a healthcare professional to self-isolate, it’s very important that you do not attend swing dancing classes, workshops or socials. In the very unlikely event that you receive a positive test for Coronavirus from a healthcare professional and you’ve been at a swing dancing class within the last two weeks, please notify your Swing Patrol teachers ASAP. They will keep your identity anonymous, but they will have to notify your fellow students.

If you can’t attend a swing event because you’re feeling under the weather or you’re self-isolating, spend some time practising some of the moves you’ve learned in class.

NHS info is here.


Written by Brian Ahearne


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