Our next phase is to plan more on-line activities and for now it was easier to add a small calendar to our Australian SP website. Check it out here. You can see that many great events are listed for the UK morning so we have highlighted some for your ease. Note that 8pm AEST means 11am UK time 🙂


Monday 8th June – 8am – SwingTrain with Cathie Gough

Tuesday 9th June – 10.30am – Fitzroy Balboa & Shag Live!

Wednesday 10th June – 10am – Blues for Justice

Thursday 11th June – 9.30am – SwingTrain with Vicki Lawrance

Friday 12th June – 10am – Baking with Bon 

Friday 12th June – 7pm – Friday nights with DJ Hands on Deck

Monday 15th June – 9am – Interview – Renee Noble

Tuesday 16th June – 10.30am – Fitzroy Balboa & Shag Live!

Wednesday 17th June – 11am – Dance Photography

Thursday 18th June – 9.30am – SwingTrain with Vicki Lawrance

Friday 19th June – 10am – Club Maxie’s Online

Friday 19th June – 7pm – Friday nights with DJ Hands on Deck

Saturday 20th June – 11.30am – Victory Rolls with Fancy Dougherty

Tuesday 23rd June – 10.30am – Fitzroy Balboa & Shag Live!

Thursday 25th June – 9.30am – SwingTrain with Vicki Lawrance

Thursday 25th June – 11.30am – Cocktail time with Fancy Dougherty

Friday 26th June – 10am – Live with Miss Chrissy of Lindy Charm School

Friday 26th June – 7pm – Friday nights with DJ Hands on Deck

Friday 26th June – 8pm – Online Blues at the Ritzy

Tuesday 30th June – 10.30am- Fitzroy Balboa & Shag Live!




One Hour Classes

Suitable for brand new beginners – all are suitable for people dancing on their own except our partnered Lindy Hop class:

20s Charleston Basics

Beginner Lindy Hop – Partnered

Beginner Lindy Hop – Solo

Swing Dance Cardio

Been to a few classes or dancing for a while? You might be interested in these classes:

Beginner Tap in your Lindy Hop

Improver Tap in your Lindy Hop

Triple Step Drills

Intro to Switching – Solo Edition!

Two Week Course

It’s the 2020s and it wouldn’t be complete without a 1920s Charleston solo routine! Dance with Robyn, co-leader of the award winning Dinah dance troupe:

Solo Charleston Routine

Four Week Courses

Looking for something a little more intensive? Try our four week courses – you can take them at your own pace so you can really get to grips with your dancing:

– Solo Jazz and Charleston 101 – Blues Skies Routine (can be done solo or with a partner) – Lindy Hop




Check out our SwingTrain Fitness class timetable here!


Looking for something else?  Let us know at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do.  Stay safe everyone and happy dancing 🙂




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