Legend of the Year 2018: Winner to be announced at the Bishopsgate Swing Christmas Party!


Hello dancers!

As you know, this year we’ve decided to make our annual Legend of the Year a People’s Choice vote. We really want to acknowledge those who do so much for our amazing swing community and get it straight from the horse’s mouth – the community! Having completed our first round of open nominations, we now have a shortlist, ready for you to cast your votes! Yay!

Here is the shortlist:

Cat Foley

Conrad Edwards

Katie Cobalt


Tobias Short

Only one vote allowed

This round is open until midday on the 14th December. We’re really excited to see who you all vote for and please do give us your reasons/ any anecdotes if you wish (this is totally optional). We can’t wait for the big announcement of the The People’s Choice Legend of the Year at our Christmas Ball on 16th December. Yay!  : )

Also, check out this list of all these lovely people who were nominated this year:

Adrian Denver Cecil

Annie Gascoyne

Arun Sagar

Benjamin Cook (previous winner, 2011)

Christian Turner- Bridger

Christine Penman

Colbert Newsome

Elizabeth Green

Jane Rutterford

Jeff Tong (previous winner, 2016)

Katie Young

Katie Stotter

Lily Robert

Matt Christie

Michaela Delmonte (previous winner, 2015)

Paul O’Rourke

Sarah Beaton

Stephanie Grange

Swing Patrol Door People

Vanessa Sands