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Join Ben and Christine, your slightly quirky but very friendly teachers at Swing Patrol Angel. We’re really excited about our venue at Candid Arts Trust, it’s a great big space in an amazing location so close to Angel tube. It is arguably Swing Patrol’s best venue, and it’s all yours!


Here’s the layout of our classes each week at Angel:

7:00pm – Level 1 Beginner swing dance class
You don’t need to know ANY swing dancing for this class, and you can come whenever you like, as we teach the basics every week as well as some fun things to do with it! There’s no need to book in advance either, just turn up when it suits you!

8:15pm – Level 1.5 / Special Class
The super-cool extra class! We rotate through many crazy things in this class, and always have some slightly different part of swing to offer you. If you’re feeling comfortable with the beginners class, you’ll be fine in this one too, and if you are looking forward to joining level 2 then this is the class for you. Also perfect for our Level 2 students who want to add a little something extra to their swinging.

9:15pm – Level 2 Intermediate class
This level presumes understanding of the swing rhythms we teach in the Level 1 class: Side-by-side & Tandem Charleston, 6-beat and 8-beat Lindy Hop. If you are a level 2 dancer but are rusty on a rhythm, just ask us for a refresher before class 🙂

Taking more than one class on the same evening? Your second (or third) class is half price — just £5!


Our students at the Swing Patrol Performance Ball 2016.

Getting here



7pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm


Candid Arts Trust

3 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ

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Christine Penman



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