What you can expect:

Creating the Love Bubble (10:30AM – 11:30AM)

Lead by Scott Cupit

You only have an hour to deliver the perfect class, what will inspire people and ensure that they want to come back the following week? A discussion about the key ingredients towards improving your retention rate and helping to build your community from the word go.

The Perfect Storm (11:45AM – 12:45PM)

Lead by Jeff Tong

Why has this new person walked through the door and what are their expectations? What will make them rave about your class the next day? What type of environment and culture do you want to create as a teacher? A discussion about how to provide the best experience for students from the minute the walk in the door to the moment they leave.

The Break Down (1:30PM – 2:30PM)

Lead by Robyn Larsen

How do you break down a basic in under 30-seconds? What material should you teach to what level? How important are your choices of music? Unpick the qualities of what makes a successful lesson feel good. Learn how to pitch, structure and break down material to various levels.

Opportunist Ownership (2:45PM – 3:45PM)

Lead by Scott Cupit

Some teachers can build a class up to 50 (or more!) with ease. What’s the “x factor” that they have? What you focus on will blossom – making the most of social media to create a buzz.

Communication – how we use our voice to command the space (4:00PM – 5:00PM)

Lead by Robyn Larsen

Understanding how to use the voice to grab people’s attention while not getting stuck in a rut of saying the same thing every lesson.


“I am a new dance teacher in Bexhill East Sussex and recently attended a swing Patrol teacher training day in London. It was extremely useful and informative day that gave me really useful insights into how to grow, promote and maintain my dance class. The speakers with included Scott Cupit gave us some inspirational ideas that I will definitely be taking away to use. I also had the chance to interact with other teachers from around the country and even had the added bonus of a dance class from two top international performers – Steph & Pete. I would definitely recommend this course.”  

Alan Hands – Teacher & Swing DJ Hands on Deck – mixcloud.com/alan-hands

“Swing Patrol teacher training and scene-building sessions are always value for money. They’re a great place to geek out about pedagogy, brainstorm ideas with fellow teachers, get new perspectives, tactics and best practices on a variety of topics and classroom situations. Highly recommend for all teachers, from the brand new to the experienced, as there’s always more to learn and grow as a teacher and scene leader. Would definitely attend again!” 

Jenn Maghzal – readingswingjam.co.uk

“It was welcoming, informative, interesting, affordable, with loads of useful stuff for both new and experienced teachers and scene leaders. It provided plenty of material to take home and share with our own teaching crew.”


“It was so good to be able to participate in this kind of thoughtful training, especially for a whole day.”


“Really happy to have come and met some great people and feel very inspired and much more confident to start a community in my town – ‘I’ can be one of the ones to do it.”


“Would highly recommend to teachers and scene leaders everywhere! It’s a great opportunity to draw on the experience of such a huge and very successful swing dance scene. Thanks for sharing!”


“I left inspired and with new concepts that made me feel good about my future as a teacher. On top of that, I felt like I learnt something to apply in life in general. Loved it!”


“It was a thorough journey through the process of setting up a class – the positives and negatives – which was very relatable and felt real because we’re hearing from someone who has experienced it all – ups and downs; with practical advice for us all.”


Saturday 11 April - Saturday 11 April
10:30am - 05:00pm
Early Bird - £28 (until the 14th Feb, 2020)


The Claremont Project, 24 White Lion St, The Angel, London N1 9PD, UK