Sara Bang

Sara Bang

there’s been said sara started to show appreciation for dancing and music for as long as she has been around, often performing for her family as a toddler. it didn’t take long until her parents surrendered to her request to join ballet classes, at the age of six, a style she had been immersed in for over ten years, giving her a solid understanding of body movement and techniques.

sara has found Swing in London, at the end of 2016, more or less by chance. this has quickly opened the doors to, not only a place of creativity, expression and joy like no other dance before had, but also to find a lost sense of community and belonging, plus a number of great friendships!

she has since invested in a wide range of training, from performance troupes to attending international dance workshops from a variety of rock-star level dancers around the globe. and it’s fair to say, a great number of sara’s non-office hours are spent around the world Jazz. sara continues to be keen on dipping her toes in different dance and music forms, old and new, with special interest in those of African heritage, to deepen her knowledge of Swing & Jazz. her latest adventures include a trip to Mozambique (March 2023) to learn traditional African drum dances and percussion based music and their connection to the roots of Swing & Blues.

in sara’s words, dancing for me is healing, emotional expression in its purest form, and release. a place of near-magic where we can instinctually connect with the depths of ourselves and those around. scared at first when approached about instructing back in the summer of 2018, she has grown highly passionate about sharing this dance to other people, as well as her own personal approach and dance philosophy. she has been instructing at Swing Patrol Dalston between September 2018 – March 2020, October 2021 – June 2023 and has performed and led a bunch of classes and workshops in events across London, including classes for children.

sara’s other interests include photography, yoga, fashion, food (plant based only) & cocktails, arts & crafts.


Photo credit: Sudden Island