Olivia Bennett

Olivia Bennett

Introduced to Jazz, Soul and Rock ’n’ Roll by her parents, Olivia grew up listening to these genres but only recently learnt just how much of a family affair it was when she found out that Swing Dancing is how her Grandparents met!

Like so many others, she too caught the ‘dance bug’ at the very beginning of her dance journey back in 2016. Olivia started out at Swing Patrol Peckham inheriting the role of ‘door person’. During this time she would try out classes in venues across London, finding her place in the scene. She found the whole community so welcoming, making so many wonderful friends; people who she now calls her ‘London family’. With this family, she has had the opportunity to travel all over the world for dance festivals, compete, perform at music festivals, as well as show new people that swing dancing really is the best thing since sliced bread, .

Boogaloo Bounce was actually Olivia’s second swing dance lesson which she found scary but amazing, cementing her love of  social dancing early on: nothing gives her more joy. This experience also gave her a strong belief that social dancing teaches you how to dance how your personality wants to, interpreting all of the cool moves you’ve learned in your own way!

Now a proud member of Club Stomp and Skyliners, you will find Olivia at most socials swinging out those swivels to her hearts content!



Photo credit: Sudden Island