Lish O’Donovan

Lish O’Donovan

Known by some as ‘hat girl’ for her fedora-wearing penchant at swing socials, Lish quickly caught ‘the lindy bug’ in 2018 and hasn’t looked back – starting out at Swing Patrol Bethnal Green and on to experience the joys of other venues including Waterloo and Kings Cross.


Her swing enthusiasm is such that she is often found triple stepping on the tube and she once woke up a visiting friend by trying to execute a tuck turn in a feverish lindy dream state. She is constantly in awe of the talent, determination and unrivalled spirit of the swing community and loves that there is always more room to learn and develop lindy technique, no matter how seasoned the dancer.


Lish has attended several international dance festivals, trains with Swing Patrol’s Club Stomp and separately has co-founded London’s LGBT+ Swing Dance performance troupe Out For The Count.


She is predominantly a leader though also enjoys a good ‘switch’ dance and loves to social dance.


Photo Credit: The Swing Photographer