Born in Mexico with rhythm in her veins, Krystal (aka Petite) grew up watching black & white movies of “The Rumberas”. These dancers danced Afro-Caribbean and Caribbean rhythms, which flourished in the Mexican Cinema in its Golden Age in the 1940s and 1950s.

This ‘pocket rocket’ of strength and determination (worthy of comparison with the culinary compatriots small chillies!), decided to move to Italy to study fashion in 2005. In 2011 she fell in love with the American dances from the 30’s to 50’s including Lindy Hop, Boogie and Jive.  Krystal moved to London in 2014 and soon became an active member of the London swing community. She has been involved in various projects including Sharon’s Davis Jazz MAD dance troupe.

Collegiate Shag entered her life in 2016 like a hurricane! It began casually as a dance practice at the Barbican with Alex. She has since been hooked by the crazy energy of this dance. Petite & Alex quickly reached the leading edge of the Shag scene, placing in several competitions in Europe and America. After just a year of dancing Shag, Petite won 1st place in the advance division mix & match at Barcelona Shag Festival 2017 (one of the most important festivals in Europe).

Alex & Krystal have always been active in spreading their love for Shag. They have competed and performed in many international festivals: To mention a few: Barcelona Shag Festival, Warsaw Shag Festival, Swing Paradise, Hot Rhythm Holiday. They are also the organisers of Mind the Shag, an international level Shag festival in London.

Krystal’s style is described as a mix: inspired by her Latin roots and also famous dancers such as  Jewel McGowan & Patti Lacey. She loves to be playful with rhythm, yet always maintaining the sexy and feminine touch that characterises her style. With more than 20 year’s experience studying different dance forms, such as ballet, contemporary, salsa and cha cha cha, this little pocket rocket sure can swing it hot!