Alex Hetherington

Alex Hetherington

Charleston? In my house?!

A chance encounter at a house party in 2014 started Alex on a journey that eventually brought him to London and has culminated (so far!) with him residing as a teacher for Swing Patrol. He saw a couple doing 1940’s charleston in his kitchen and there was no looking back. It was officially the coolest thing ever.

With no dancing experience before that fateful meeting (apart from a little bit of salsa, about which he keeps saying ‘I just don’t have any hips’, whatever that means), Alex learnt to swing dance in York for a year before relocating to London for the larger dance scene. He was completely obsessed. In his first three day weekend in London he attended five events! Now he can only get his fix by attending international dance camps.

Alex values open leading and following with simple moves done well. The best part of dancing is riffing off your partner’s creativity!


Photo credit: Sudden Island