Legend of the Year 2019: People’s Choice – Voting now open!

Hello lovely dancers!

Thank you all for taking part in the nominations for Legend of the Year 2019. We now have a shortlist which you can see below and also the full list of all those nominated. Voting is now open! You can click here to cast your vote (remember it’s one vote per person). The People’s Choice Legend of the Year will be announced at the Christmas Ball on 15th December 2019, as is our tradition, so remember to vote! We love all our dancers and are so grateful for all of your involvement in the Swing Patrol community.  The Legend of the Year award is a great way to say thank you so please do take part.



Christine Penman
Christine does all the things! She teaches at Angel, does the door at Waterloo, manages social events and helps with social media. All that on top of her super busy job at Angels – we look forward to seeing the array of Halloween costumes every year!


Nancy Hitzig
Nancy’s been teaching for Swing Patrol since 2014 and we love having her positive energy on the team. As well as teaching at both Angel and Old Street, Nancy has also produced some shows with our current legend, Cat Foley, on top of her fundraising work with English Heritage. We also love her awesome hair 🙂


Ochryn Oswal
Our first non-teacher nominee and owner of possibly (probably) the finest moustache in London. Ochryn can be found on the door at our Kings Cross and Waterloo classes as well as many of our social events. Truly a lovely person, everyone loves Ochryn!


Pete Grange
We miss Pete! Despite leaving us in November, the love for Pete is overwhelming. He and Steph taught for Swing Patrol for 5 years and in that time, made many London friends 🙂 Quietly hilarious, it’s always a plesure to spend time with Pete.


Ruth Pugh
You may not know Ruth but when our SwingTrain team heard about the nominations, they all voted for Ruth unanimously!  She’s such a happy soul and her SwingTrain classes are a joy.


Steph Grange
How can we list all the ways we love Steph? With Pete, she taught for us for 5 years before heading home to New Zealand in November. It’s been an absolute pleasure having Steph on the teaching and admin teams and we miss her lots!!




Alison Davies
Andy Roberts
Anna Price
Annie Gascoyne
Ash Cochrane (previous winner)
Benjamin Cook (previous winner)
Cat Foley (previous winner)
Chris Gammie (previous winner)
Conrad Edwards (previous winner)
David Guzman
Dorothea Baltruks
Faraday Loughlin
Grace Simmons
Isabella Ling
Janet Whiley (previous winner)
Jeff Tong
Maeliosa Ni Almhain
Melissa Hunt
Moritz Wagner
Nick Grant
Quintin Basildon
Rebecca Kelsall
Rupert Sanford Scutt (previous winner)
Ryan O’Shaughnessy
Sibhe Lynch (previous winner)
Susie Pembroke Wilson
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