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Legend of 2010

Janet Whiley

“As per a ten year tradition the legend of the year was announced last night.  Last year it was James Horada and this year we congratulate and acknowledge Janet Whiley as our legend of the year. Janet has been front and centre at many of our major moments this year including our performances at the Royal Albert Hall the Secret Garden Party Festival. Janet is our Angel teacher and has anchored many Swing Dens and corporate gigs. Above all though we just love what Janet contributes to the community in terms of just adding so much positive energy to everything Janet does. A regular DJ at Swing Pits and Blues nights… the list is endless. Janet.. THANKYOU!”

In her own words: “I’d say I’m addicted to swing dancing and a little bit in love with blues dancing. What I love about swing dancing is the energy, the really lovely positive people it attracts and the link between you, the music and the person you’re dancing with. Also love how a really good social dance will still have you smiling the next day.” Janet has danced all over Europe including Herrang and “Snowball” in Stockholm Sweden but you will see Janet social dancing almost every night around London and is a great ambassador of what dancing is all about. A treasured personality in the London swing scene.

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