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Learn to swing dance with Swing Patrol Camden

We are running 3 awesome courses over Summer in a brilliant space very near Camden Town tube station! Come and learn the Shim Sham, the Tranky Do and the Big Apple routines, or sign up to one of our 4 -week Beginner courses and ground yourself in the basics!

July Beginners’ Course

09-Jul Beginners’ Course
16-Jul Beginners’ Course
23-Jul Beginners’ Course
30-Jul Beginners’ Course

Price: £40 (uni students £24).  Click here to book

Tranky Do

09-Jul Tranky Do (Part 1)
16-Jul Tranky Do (Part 2)
23-Jul Tranky Do (Part 3)
30-Jul Tranky Do (Fun times and variations)

Price: £40 (uni students £24). Click here to book

August Beginners’ Course

06-Aug Beginners’ Course
13-Aug Beginners’ Course
20-Aug Beginners’ Course
27-Aug Beginners’ Course

Price: £40 (uni students £24). Click here to book

Big Apple

06-Aug Big Apple (Part 1)
13-Aug Big Apple (Part 2)
20-Aug Big Apple (Part 3)
27-Aug Big Apple (Part 4)

Price: £40 (uni students £24). Click here to book

You can also keep up with information from us on our Facebook page.

Want to know more about the history of Swing Patrol Camden? Have a read about the Camden Swing Patrol story.

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7:10pm, 8:15pm,


The Upper Room, (Old St Michael's Church Hall)

8 Greenland Street, London NW1 0ND

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Robyn Lalor


Level 1

Level 1.5



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