Workshop: High Level Learning with Faraday and Scott


High Level Learning with Faraday and Scott

This workshop will focus your swing-out skills, giving you the confidence to step out onto the dance floor. This dynamic duo will provide a fun learning environment while providing you with the skills to add the sparkle to your social dancing. This course assumes you are able to swing out comfortably and is suitable for those looking to develop their understanding of basic shapes.

About the teachers: Scott moved to London in 2009 to open Swing Patrol London which now has over 1000 students a week through its many venues and weekly social dances. Frequently teaching across Europe, we are lucky to have him in Brighton.

Faraday has 20 years of dance experience, with her roots in Irish dancing. In 2013 she discovered her passion for swing. Taking her first rock step in Toronto, she has since travelled around the UK competing in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Solo Jazz.

When: 7.45- 9.15pm, 31st January & 7th February
Where: Exeter Street Hall, 16-17 Exeter Street, Brighton, BN1 5PG
Cost: £24



*Please read our cancellation policy before booking.