Sin City Blues Class Plan

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SIN CITY BLUES: Class plan

September is all about learning and refining the blues language:
Vocabulary – Brush up on your basics and learn some cool new blues moves

Conversation – Each partnered dance is a different dialog between you, your partner and the music. Start exploring the world of the blues conversation

Expression – The roots of blues are in the expression of true human feelings, learn how to discover and show your sentiment, character and personality

The way we move our bodies influences so many aspects of partner dancing. This is why October will focus on body mechanics, blues aesthetic, pulse and solo movements. We want you to be able to dissect your own movement so you can recognise what enables you to connect with your partner, express yourself and have a great dance every time!

We love blues music and November is all about Bluesicality! This month we’ll do a deep dive analysis of music, song structures, instruments, rhythms and the beautiful relationship between blues music and dancing.

December showing off! African-American dances have an aspect of showing off and one-upmanship. All in the spirit of encouraging each other, Blues is no different. From cuttin’ to jam circles there are loads of great places to share your awesome moves, learn from each other and push yourself to the next level!

Date Level 1 @ 7pm Level 2 @ 8:15pm After class
10th October The blues aesthetic Changing the aesthetic Free social
17th October Changing the pulse Mastering different pulses Free social
24th October Dancing solo moves in a partnership Solo expression in partnership Free social
31st October Different basics Dissecting blues movement Halloween special social
7th November 12 bar blues Shuffle rhythm and triples Free social
14th November 8 bar blues Make your own rhythm Free social
21st November Matching the music Dancing to one instrument Free social
28th November Shuffle blues Finding your groove Free social
5th December Fun moves Jammin’ and cuttin’ Free social
12th December Dips! Lifts! CHRISTMAS GAMES!