Sin City Blues Class Plan

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SIN CITY BLUES: Class plan

January and February:

In blues dancing we never stop working on the FUNdamentals. You will be surprised by how good your dances become when you improve your posture, pulse, connection, rhythm and lag. That’s why the start of the year is the perfect time to refocus your energy on the techniques which really make blues dancing work. It’s also a great time to start level 1 for first time bluesers!


March is the month of Cs. Catches, close embrace and contra body will be our mantra for 4 weeks. You will start with catches redirecting your energy, creating flowing and effortless movement with your partner. You will then master the mysterious techniques of the magical close embrace, finally focusing on the venerated use of contra body, enabling you to cast an enchantment through your dancing.

Date Level 1 @ 7pm Level 2 @ 8:15pm
21st February Dancing to different styles- Ballroomin’ vs Jookin’ Jookin’ in the ballroom & Ballroomin’ in the Jook Joint
28th February Building foundations for expression Working with characters
6th March Why use catches? Linking catches and close embrace
13th March Catches and speed changes Dynamism in close embrace
20th March Catches and flowing movement Adding contra body in close embrace
27th March A variety of different catches More contra body!