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Fun, energetic and educational dance workshops for primary and secondary schools

Swing dancing is great for fitness, coordination, creativity and – we think – general happiness! So why not treat your pupils and hire our experienced and passionate teachers to run swing dance workshops suitable for ages 8-18 year.

Entirely flexible, we’re able to fit to your timetable – you may wish to book a one hour treat, a half day workshop or a series of lessons. Whatever the occasion, we work with you to create a session that provides the most for your pupils and sends them away smiling. Send us a note using the form opposite to find out what we can do for you.


Dressed in full vintage outfits, our passionate and experienced teachers can bring history to life from the roaring 20s to WW2, while teaching pupils expression and creativity through active participation..


The energy of Lindy Hop and Charleston are an excellent way for your pupils to get active. Dancing improves coordination and confidence and gives a sense of achievement.


Whether it’s just for fun or for the end of year show, our teachers can work with your pupils to choreograph swing era routines. They’ll equip them with the tools and moves to create their own performance or can teach a ready-made routine.

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“The students had a great time – Cat was lovely and pitched the dance at just the right level for a mixed ability group. It was lots of fun and everyone was smiling throughout!”
– Victoria, Hampton School