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7:45pm – 8:45pm:  Level 1.5 Improvers class
Our Improvers class will build upon the knowledge and technique from our beginners class. As a prerequisite you should have completed the Level 1 course, or be comfortable with dancing the basic (up or down-hold), come-around, lolly-kicks, throw-out – and thinking about the inward connection!

8:45pm – 9:45pm: Level 1 Beginner Balboa dance class
Learn Balboa from scratch – starting with getting you connected and dancing “pure” Balboa before branching into “Bal-swing” to give you a robust vocabulary that will have you dancing Balboa socially with confidence. No prior experience required – of Balboa or other dance forms! Over 6 weeks we will explore the history and dynamics of this amazingly subtle and musical form of swing dance.

The courses will progress over the 6 weeks so you will get the most benefit by attending all classes – however we realise this isn’t possible for everyone so you can join in any of the first 3 classes. The final 3 classes will only be available if you have attended in at least one of the first 3 – this is so that we can progress faster and further with those of you who have attended, rather than resetting to zero every week! The first 3 weeks will revolve around “pure” Balboa and the classes will contain overlapping but different material each week.

The second 3 weeks will be about “Bal-swing” and tying it all together!

We recommend shoes with hard-leather or suede soles for dancing Balboa in. Followers who are comfortable wearing and dancing in heels can wear them but they are not required – flat shoes will be fine!

Eli and Alan will be taking care of you on this journey and ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable flight 😉

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7:45pm, 8:45pm


The Claremont Project (the Upper Room)

24-27 White Lion Street, N1 9PD

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