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Jean Veloz (born Jeannette Phelps) is an icon of the Hollywood style of Lindy Hop. After learning to dance with her brothers in the family living room, Jean’s career took off when she won a Screen Actor’s Guild membership card and a dance cameo in the film Swing Fever (1943) in a Hollywood dance contest. In Swing Fever, Jean danced with Don Gallaher and Lennie Smith in a now classic scene often referred to as One Girl & Two Boys.

From here Jean was to appear in several full-length films including Jive Junction (1943) and The Horns Blow at Midnight (1945) where she danced with the legendary Dean Collins. She also appeared in the short Groovie Movie (1944) which today remains a favourite of swing dancers all over the world.

In the 1950s Jean moved into television, regularly performing on “The Frank Veloz Show” with her dance partner (and later husband) Frank Veloz. After a period of retirement Jean returned to the swing dancing world during the swing revival of the 1990s. She has been travelling the world ever since, bringing her knowledge and experience to swing dancers all over the globe.

In June 2014 we were fortunate to host Jean Veloz in London for a weekend of workshops and social dances – the first time Jean had taught in England. You can see our photos and videos from the weekend below.


Friday Night at Wilton’s Music Hall – Part 1

Friday Night at Wilton’s Music Hall – Part 2

Saturday Workshops and Social Dancing

Sunday Night at Red Rhythm

Jean Veloz at Wilton's Music Hall 27 June 2014
Jean Veloz at Wilton's Music Hall 27 June 2014
Jean Veloz workshops and social dancing 28 June 2014
Jean Veloz at Red Rhythm 29 June 2014